Why do we say we're Your Tasmanian Fromagerie and not just a cheese shop?

There’s nothing wrong with calling yourself a cheese shop, but Rod Wyker’s dream for Southern Sky Cheese Company has always been a bit more than that.

Depending on the translation from French and your dictionary, fromagerie means “’cheese shop’’, “cheese factory’’ or even “dairy’’.

More than six years ago, when Rod was creating Southern Sky, he wanted to build something that had all of that, and more.

Rod believes fromagerie means ``place of cheese’’ and looks to Europe for a lot of his inspiration.

France is a good example, where many relatively small producers develop, produce and sell their own product. They might use traditional methods, but also come up with local innovations to give them a point of difference.

They’re also interacting directly with the people who consume their product, answering questions, offering advice and getting feedback, so they know first-hand what works and what they might be able to develop in the future.

 That’s the model we target at Southern Sky Cheese Company.

We hand-craft the cheeses we  produce and we love them. We’ve worked hard to mix traditional methods in with a few ideas of our own. We get the chance to talk about our cheeses with a lot of customers and we love to see first-hand how they react to them.

That’s why we’re your Tasmanian fromagerie!